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Supergirl #64 (Jan-2002)

Supergirl #64

Supergirl #64 (Jan-2002)

Title: Deep Soul Rising
Cover Title: Water-Whirled!
Cover Date: January 2002

Writer: Peter David
Pencils: Leonard Kirk
Inks: Robin Riggs
Colors: Gene D'Angelo
Lettering: Bill Oakley
Editor: Mike McAvennie
Cover: Leonard Kirk and Robin Riggs

Cover Price: $2.25


While walking along a boardwalk in Atlantic City, Linda sees what she thinks is a woman being pursued by a shark. When she changes into Supergirl to rescue the woman, she finds she is mistaken. It's actually a half-shark half-human monster who is trying to lure her into the water to kill her. Lagoon Boy comes to Supergirl's aid, but Nuliajuk (Mother of Monsters) attacks with other creatures. Eventually Lagoon Boy and Supergirl escape.


There is a lot more to this story than in my overview. It's a typical Peter David story with layers and subplots and an ongoing storyline in the background as well as a forward-moving storyline that uses the thrust of what my overview covered... in short, if you want the whole story, read the book.

No Aquaman in this book, so why did I review it? Well, it's got Lagoon Boy, who is now (like it or not) a part of the Aquaman mythos. And Peter David, former Aquaman scribe, wrote it. And it's also got Nuliajuk, who beat up on Aquaman a bit in the PAD version.

Nuliajuk tells Supergirl that the "Mother of Demons" forced Nuliajuk to attack. Lagoon Boy tells Supergirl that he dreamed that she needed his help, and so came to help. At the beginning of the issue, Supergirl also dreams that she's going to be attacked, but isn't as perceptive as Lagoon Boy.

Lagoon Boy is not my favorite character in the DCU, but when handled properly, he can be quite interesting. PAD writes him as an intelligent water-dweller, who knows of all the demon creatures and such, and also is willing to help out somebody based on a dream. Thus, he's in touch with his mystical side. There is also a single panel in which Supergirl expresses sorrow at Aquaman's disappearance, and Lagoon Boy reflects for a moment on the situation, which is nicely done.


A fun little showing of one of Atlantis' less-known and liked characters.

Review Date: 14 Dec 2001, By Laura Gjovaag