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Bataman: Gotham Knights #18 (Aug-2001)

Batman: Gotham Knights #18

Batman: Gotham Knights #18 (Aug-2001)

Title: Cavernous
Cover Title: none
Cover Date: August 2001

Writer: Devin Grayson
Pencils: Roger Robinson
Inks: John Floyd
Colors: Rob Schwager
Lettering: Bill Oakley
Editor: Bob Schreck and asst Nachie Castro
Cover: Brian Bolland

Cover Price: $2.50


Batman, on a slow day, invites Aquaman down to help excavate some of the artifacts Batman lost during the Earthquake.


This is a fantastic cover. The giant penny mixed with the look on Aquaman's face... I want Brian Bolland to be the next Aquaman artist.

This is certainly a Batman story. It's a tale of how Batman reacts when he gets bored. From pestering Oracle to stalking around Wayne Manor, it's all Batman. Until he calls Aquaman with a lame excuse and gets a little buddy time with the King of Atlantis. I like the fact that Aquaman is perceptive enough to realize that Batman isn't interested in getting the giant penny, he just needs someone around, some human contact.

I'm not as wild about the interior art as I am about the cover, but it works. Aquaman's hair looks odd. Not a good complaint, no, but it just looks odd to me.

There is a back-up story in this issue, a B&W feature that is rather gruesome.


A nice Aquaman appearance, emphasizing Aquaman's humanity.

Review Date: 14 Dec 2001, By Laura Gjovaag