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Aquaman #4 (May 2003)

from JLA/JSA Secret Files & Origins

Tempest is Home Again
JLA/JSA Secret Files & Origins #1

Title: Home Again
Cover Date: January 2003
Anthology: Five Stories (JLA/JSA Cover), second story

Writer: Rick Veitch
Pencils: Dietrich Smith
Inks: Sean Parsons
Colors: Tom McCraw
Lettering: Kurt Hathaway
Editor: Dan Raspler

Cover Price: $4.95
Page Count: 4


Cerdian, with his parents, goes to live in Atlantis. Cerdian's dad leaves to find "Uncle Arthur".


This story is told, and drawn, entirely from the point of view of the son of Tempest and Dolphin, Cerdian.

The first three panels are bright, then the colors are muted to reflect the darkness of Atlantis, which isn't a friendly place for Cerdian's family.

This anthology had 5 stories. The first story was a prelude to the JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice hardcover. The other three (besides the Tempest story) involved Red Tornado, Chase, and Metamorpho. There were also nine profile pages, including one on Aquaman and one on the Ancients (the JLAncients) that explains Gamemnae a little better.


A sad tale to start the new Aquaman series off.

Review Date: 18 Nov 2002, By Laura Gjovaag