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Cover of Aquaman #18
Aquaman (2003) #18

Title: American Tidal Part 4
Cover Title: I For An Eye!
Cover Date: July 2004

Writer: Will Pfeifer
Penciller: Patrick Gleason
Inker: Christian Alamy
Colors: Nathan Eyring
Lettering: Phil Balsman
Editor: Peter Tomasi
Associate Editor: Stephen Wacker
Cover: Alan Davis and Mark Farmer
Note: Aquaman created by Paul Norris

Cover Price: $2.50
Release Date: 12 May 2004
Order Code: MAR04 0297


Cover Review: I'm still amused by one wag's comment that this is a Wertham "injury to the eye" nightmare cover. Heh. (If you don't get the gag, go read Seduction of the Innocent.) I like the detail in the image. Aquaman isn't just throwing some piece of driftwood, it's part of a mast with ropes still attached. The tentacles coming at him look nasty, like they will do damage if they hit him. There's a look of concentration on Aquaman's face, visible even though it's turned slightly away. And the "eye monster" has hints of being something much more than a glob, with bits of metal sticking up in places, and some regular shapes in the background. Another fascinating cover!