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Cover of Aquaman #11
Aquaman (2003) #11

Title: By The Rivers of Babylon
Cover Title: none
Cover Date: December 2003

Writer: Rick Veitch
Penciller: Yvel Guichet
Inker: Mark Propst
Colors: Nathan Eyring
Lettering: Kurt Hathaway
Editor: Peter Tomasi
Associate Editor: Stephen Wacker
Cover: Tony Harris
Note: Aquaman created by Paul Norris

Cover Price: $2.50
Release Date: 15 October 2003
Order Code: AUG03 0200


Cover Review: After complaining about the last cover, I get another cool cover to enjoy. Yeah, this is what I like. A nice image of a topless Aquaman just swimming. I admit to being a little disturbed by the background imagery, because it makes me think of nothing so much as a fishbowl... with the little diver and the treasure chest that periodically spouts bubbles. On the one hand, having my own Aquaman in a fishbowl would be cool, on the other hand, it minimizes him a bit. Note the fish looking at it's reflection. I think this is a drawing of an aquarium, actually. Oh well, at least Aquaman is sexy.