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Cover of Aquaman #10
Aquaman (2003) #10

Title: Moon River
Cover Title: Dying From Thirst!
Cover Date: November 2003

Writer: Rick Veitch
Penciller: Yvel Guichet
Inker: Mark Propst
Colors: Nathan Eyring
Lettering: Kurt Hathaway
Editor: Peter Tomasi
Associate Editor: Stephen Wacker
Cover: Andrew Robinson
Note: Aquaman created by Paul Norris

Cover Price: $2.50
Release Date: 10 September 2003
Order Code: JUL03 0177


Cover Review: Depending on what you prefer in covers, this one is either really good... or not. Personally, I want a really neat pin-up. If it has something to do with the interior of the book, so much the better. But mostly I want a striking image that will make people in a shop pick up the book and look at it more closely. This cover is, to be blunt, ugly. The villain is ugly, so that's only natural. And while this has to do with what is going on inside the book, it's not something that I would be inclined to pick up, if I weren't already a drooling Aquaman fangirl. So I'm afraid I don't give high marks to this cover.