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Aquaman #75 (Third Series)

Cover of Aquaman #75

Aquaman (1994) #75

Title: No Future
Cover Title: none
Cover Date: January 2001

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Pencils: Steve Epting
Inks: Norm Rapmund
Colors: Digital Chameleon
Lettering: John E Workman, Jr.
Editor: Tony Bedard
Cover: Mike Kaluta

Cover Price: $2.50
Release Date: 22 November 2000
Order Code: SEP00 0496


Aquaman frees Garth while Rodunn goes to get the Atlantean army. Aquaman and Tempest beat up on the alien "Omniguard" which turns out to be a linked being made of three creatures. They defeat all three, and are surrounded by an alien army. Before much more than threats can be uttered, the Atlantean army surrounds the aliens, who bow to the inevitable. Once all the problems are sorted out and the aliens are sent on their way with a little help from Tempest's mystics, everyone returns to Atlantis for the final splash page.


I had a very hard time reviewing this book, as you may have noticed. Part of me somehow thought that if I didn't review it, the time between it and the next issue would somehow be less. In any case, this was incredibly depressing for me when it came out a year ago. I would call it tramatic, but I don't want to stretch the truth that much. I really wanted this series to continue with Dan Jurgens at the helm.

Let's see... I still hate Dolphin. I can't stand how she's being used in Titans. Luckily, she hardly makes an appearance in this issue, making it a lot easier to read.

Mera makes the point that Aquaman has always had an army to back him up, but has never really called on it before. This is a bit that lots of readers, and writers, miss, and I hope the next Aquaman scribe remembers: Aquaman is a King. He's not a figurehead. He's not an elected official. He's a King, and he has a people to protect, and an army to help him out.

It turns out that the aliens need Tempest's mystic powers to get them home. Unfortunately, they have no qualms about forcing Tempest, nor do they have the uncommon decency to ask for help. Tempest helps them anyway, to get them out of Atlantean waters.


Bring Aquaman back. Please.

Review Date: 12 Dec 2001, By Laura Gjovaag