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Aquaman #73 (Third Series)

Cover of Aquaman #73

Aquaman (1994) #73

Title: Power Game
Cover Title: none
Cover Date: November 2000

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Pencils: Steve Epting
Inks: Norm Rapmund
Colors: Noelle Giddings and Digital Chameleon
Lettering: John E Workman
Editor: Tony Bedard
Cover: Mike Kaluta

Cover Price: $2.50
Release Date: 20 September 2000
Order Code: JUL00 0320


With a little help from Aquaman, who isn't totally in Valgos' thrall, Mera breaks free and rescues Travis Morgan, and the small group eventually frees the others Valgos has imprisoned. Escaping from Valgos' lair, Aquaman then destroys Valgos, who was already dead, but had moved his consciousness to a jewel.

In the meantime, Garth enters the pit of poison, and is grabbed by mysterious creatures.


The cover is part of a triptych, it and the next two issues will make one big picture. If you can't wait for the next two issues, the whole thing is printed in the letter column. The letter column also officially announces the cancellation of the series.

Mera in bondage again, to start the issue. Of course, this Mera is thiking through her situation and gives up a nice recap of how she got into bondage. And she's wearing clothing. And she's soon wearing more.

We finally get an explanation for the stupid golden hand. The scientists of Atlantis made it, and it can assume a variety of forms based on his mental commands. Which is how Valgos takes over Aquaman, by commanding the hand to encase him. Aquaman, however is partly in control and gives Mera some of the golden substance to protect her from the lava that Valgos is boiling her in, and we get Mera sheathed in gold. Very cool, actually. Her power is also expanded to include any liquid, so she is able to manipulate the lava. Way cool.

Ok, page 10 has the worst looking Dolphin yet. She looks aged, and like she's wearing some wierd Joker makeup. We won't learn until next issue what she sees, but it apparently scared the looks out of her.


Strong story, nice conclusion to the Skartaris bit.

Review Date: 31 October 2000, By Laura Gjovaag