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Superman #63 (Second Series)

Guest Starring Aquaman

Cover of Superman #63

Superman (2) #63

Title: Shadows From The Past
Cover Title: Superman and Aquaman Defending the Deep
Cover Date: January 1992

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Art: Dan Jurgens
Finished Art: Brett Breeding
Colors: Glenn Whitmore
Lettering: John Costanza
Asst. Editor: Dan Thorsland
Editor: Mike Carlin
Cover: Dan Jurgens

Cover Price: $1.00
Note: Superman created by Siegel and Shuster


Superman is on a ship as Clark Kent, trying to interview Aquaman. The ship is attacked by a sea serpent. Clark falls overboard with much of the crew, and Superman comes to their rescue. As he's rescuing the last one, he recognizes him as the man who tried to kill Lori Lemaris. Memories flood back, but he saves the guy anyway.

Returning to the ship he finds that Aquaman has stabilized it. He joins Aquaman in fighting off the sea serpent, only to be attacked again by Oumlandian missiles.

Superman manages to pull the missile away from the city, and rides it into a cliff where it detonates. Lori Lemaris, alive though Superman thought she was dead, rushes to help him. Aquaman arrives, and Lori tells him to go help his city. He swears to continue to keep her secret from Superman.

Lori takes Superman up to the surface, dressing him as Clark Kent on the way, and leaving him to be rescued by his ship.


I like the cover. It's pretty neat.

This is naturally a much more Superman story than Aquaman story. Lori Lemaris, despite being from Tritonis, is not an Aquaman character. And the main thrust of the plot was Lori's love for Superman.

For a crossover, Aquaman was treated quite well. He was capable, handling the ship and the sea serpent while Superman was absent. It was a bit out of character for him to decide to kill the serpent when it didn't respond to him. Normally he would try some method of luring it away from the city. He was, however, stuck in the city, with the Oumlandians attacking, so his decision may have been based on necessity.


Rating: 6

All in all a good appearance for Aquaman.

Review Date: 24 August 1997, By Laura Gjovaag