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Aquaman #8 (Second Series)

Cover of Aquaman #8 (1991)

Aquaman (1991) #8

Title: Demons in Thought & Deed
Cover Title: -none-
Cover Date: July 1992

Writer: Shaun McLaughlin
Pencils: Ken Hooper
Inks: Bob Dvorak
Colors: Tom McCraw
Lettering: Dan Nakrosis
Editor: Kevin Dooley
Cover: Ken Hooper and Art Nichols

Cover Price: $1.25


An assassin is preparing to kill Aquaman.

Aquaman is confronting an angry Garth in Crastinus. He basically apologizes for all the terrible things that happened to them.

Later, in New York, Aquaman prepares to give an acceptance speech to the UN. He and the Russian ambassador hit it off, while Mission, the guy who set this whole UN thing up, deals. After Aquaman's speech, the questions are stupid enough that Aquaman storms out.

As he rages in the rain, he is attacked by the assassin and goes to find him. The assassin has him cold when Batman appears and knocks the gun away. Batman fights off the assassin while Aquaman regains his balance and sight, then tells Aquaman that the guy is Nicodemus. Aquaman goes after him alone, and defeats him in the end.

Nicodemus is killed in jail.


Part of this issues purpose was to show that Aquaman can stay out of water for more than an hour and be fine. Nicodemus counts minutes, expecting Aquaman to slow down or even drop dead after being out of the water for an hour.

The Batman appearance was unexpected but good.


Rating: 6

A bit of a filler issue.

Review Date: 25 August 1997, By Laura Gjovaag