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Aquaman #4 (Second Series)

Cover of Aquaman #4 (1991)

Aquaman (1991) #4

Title: Tails and Legs
Cover Title: Aquaman Battles for Atlantis! ...In This Corner: Iqula of Tritonis!
Cover Date: March 1992

Writer: Shaun McLaughlin
Pencils: Ken Hooper
Inks: Bob Dvorak
Colors: Tom McCraw
Lettering: Dan Nakrosis
Editor: Kevin Dooley
Cover: Kevin Maguire and Karl Story

Cover Price: $1.00


Aquaman is held back by the nurse and Keerg, but not for long. He attacks the Tritonians and is quickly subdued. Iqula taunts him.

King Thesily, meanwhile, is getting the news of the work going on to get Poseidonis representation in the UN. He knows who he wants to go represent his people. He is interrupted by news of the Tritonian invasion.

Aquaman calls in fish to attack the Tritonians, they accuse him of the curse of Kordax. Distracted, they almost don't notice as the Posiedonian troops, what's left of them, attack. Aquaman calls in the fish to help, and the battle goes badly for the tired Poseidonians. Aquaman frees himself and attacks Iqula, and they battle man to man. Aquaman wins, and Iqula swears to leave Poseidonis in peace.

The Tritonians return to Tritonis, followed by a familiar ship.

Aquaman finally visits Vulko, who reminds him of many sad events. He goes to confront King Thesily about the attack on the Oumlandian ship. Thesily asks him to be their representative to the UN.

Manta is conferring with the king of Tritonis, and Lady S'ona does not like it one bit.

As Aquaman is on the way to New York, he is attacked by a "whaler" fanatic.


Another really good cover.

Another good issue, in fact. I quite liked this one. Once again, it feels like the series has figured itself out. Nothing is rushed, plots are developing nicely, and threads are being left for later resolution.


Rating: 7

Worth a read. Nice follow-up and conclusion to the last issue, with nice set-up for the next issue's events.

Review Date: 25 August 1997, By Laura Gjovaag