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Aquaman #3 (Second Series)

Cover of Aquaman #3 (1991)

Aquaman (1991) #3

Title: The World Around Them
Cover Title: -none-
Cover Date: February 1992

Writer: Shaun McLaughlin
Pencils: Ken Hooper
Inks: Bob Dvorak
Colors: Tom McCraw
Lettering: Dan Nakrosis
Editor: Kevin Dooley
Cover: Kevin Maguire and Art Nichols

Cover Price: $1.00


The sharks aren't listening to Aquaman, and he has a bunch of children to protect. He's quite exhausted, but he knows he has to help the Poseidonians. He leads the children to the Aquacave and tells them to stay put while he deals with the situation.

In Tritonis, Merd and his friend are swimming along when a shark attacks. Merd runs, leaving his friend to the shark. Lord Iqula arrives and kills the shark, then rips into Merd for leaving his friend to die.

Aquaman tries to get the sharks to listen to him, but one of them bites his legs where he was already injured from an Oumlandian bullet. The King and his guards watch as Aquaman defeats the shark.

Back in Tritonis, Lord Iqula drags Merd before King Firtf. The King sides with Merd.

Aquaman saves the King from sharks, and begins to clear out the sharks from the city. Vulko has lost his memory when he was injured in the attack, he thinks Aquaman is still the King.

Lady S'ona tells her husband, Lord Iqula that he might do well to question King Firtf, her cousin. Nevertheless, she seems to support his plan to conquer Poseidonis to protect them from the outside world.

Aquaman manages to clear out the sharks, and sends the children back to the city. As he paces in the Aquacave, Vulko's nurse seeks him out. She asks him to visit Vulko, but is interrupted by news of the attacking Tritonians.


I love the cover, which shows Aquaman fighting a shark.

This story was much better than the previous ones. It made sense, was strung together in a logical manner, and managed to keep interest. Aquaman has one goal throughout the issue: stop the sharks from doing more damage. The Tritonis scenes are a bit confusing at first, but quickly resolve into the second plotline. There does not seem to be any hanging threads.

Minister F'ancha is definitely up to something.

King Thesily is very jealous of Aquaman, and is irritated by the mere mention of his name. Aquaman himself is irritated by the adoration he receives, so this is no surprise.

Lord Iqula and Lady S'ona are interesting characters.


Rating: 7

Good book, worth reading. Feels like Aquaman has finally found the right stroke in this issue.

Review Date: 25 August 1997, By Laura Gjovaag