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Aquaman #2 (Second Series)

Cover of Aquaman #2 (1991)

Aquaman (1991) #2

Title: Both Sides of the Issue
Cover Title: The Death of Poseidonis
Cover Date: January 1992

Writer: Shaun McLaughlin
Pencils: Ken Hooper
Inks: Bob Dvorak
Colors: Tom McCraw
Lettering: Dan Nakrosis
Editor: Kevin Dooley
Cover: Kevin Maguire and P Craig Russell

Cover Price: $1.00


A torpedo is headed straight for the trapped Aquaman, but a brave citizen intercepts it. Her sacrifice saves Aquaman, and he attacks the ships in a mindless rage, forcing them to retreat.

To get to the heart of the matter, he goes to Oumland. He is repelled by armed troops on the beach, but manages to get through their lines to the watching reporters. Rather than have him slaughtered in front of the news, the leader of Oumland, Stom, orders the troops to stop.

Stom and Aquaman have a heated, but civil, discussion on the matter. Aquaman learns of the attack by Poseidonians on an Oumland military ship.

In the meantime, discussion has been raised to get Atlantis proper representation at the UN.

Someone orders Aquaman assasinated.

Thanks to the Oumlandians, the dome of Atlantis is gone. The blood in the water has attracted lots of sharks, which are being hunted down.

Aquaman is attacked by two unknown ships while being pursued by a news agency wanting an interview. He manages to save the reporters after they are attacked to distract him. Upon his return to the city, the children rush out to meet him, only to be attacked by enraged sharks that will not listen to his commands.


This one makes a little more sense than the first issue, though we still get randomly introduced plot threads that don't seem to be going anywhere.

The cover of this issue is much better than the last. Aquaman looks like he's in pain, and just barely dealing with it.

Marin, the daughter of Beaki, sacrificed herself to save Aquaman. Beaki now wants Aquaman's assurance that he will stay with the city.

It's clear that Minister F'ancha is up to something, but at the moment it's not clear what.

Aquaman won't enter the city. The memories are too painful for him.

As Aquaman is being attacked by the two unknown ships, a colorful character with a goofy way of speaking appears. It is very unclear whether this character is on one of the ships, or a different person altogether.


Rating: 6

Better. I wasn't as disappointed with this issue as the last.

Review Date: 24 August 1997, By Laura Gjovaag