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Cover of Aquaman #38
Aquaman #38 (1962)

Title: Justice is Mine Saith the Liquidator!
Cover Title: Justice Is... The Liquidator!
Cover Date: April 1968
Indica Date: Mar-Apr 1968 (published Bi-Monthly)

Writer: Bob Haney
Artist: Nick Cardy
Lettering: Nick Cardy
Editor: George Kashdan
Cover: Nick Cardy

Cover Price: $0.12
Page Count:


Part 1

Atlantean soldiers are being attacked, and even Aquaman can't find the guilty party. From the depths comes the mutant Liquidator, a being who can sense evil. The Liquidator is ready to find the maruader, but Ragnar, a lord of Atlantis, asks that he give Aquaman a chance first.

The Liquidator gives Aquaman three hours, and Aquaman starts out as soon as he hears the word, but immediately collapses. Ragnar takes out the troops while a doctor attends to Aquaman. When Aquaman awakes, he is as strong as usual, and cannot remember collapsing. He leaves the city quickly, leaving Aqualad in his wake.

Aqualad comes across Ragnar, standing in the ruins of his squadron after an ambush by the mysterious marauder. Aquaman arrives just then, and once again collapses. They take him back to the city, but are followed by the Liquidator, who declares Aquaman to be the evil one...

Part 2

Aquaman, now under an evil spell of some sort, battles the Liquidator and flees the city. Aqualad follows, after Ragnar declares Aquaman guilty. Mera follows to beg the Liquidator for mercy. Ragnar then summons the council and declares himself king.

When Aqualad catches up with Aquaman and the Liquidator, he learns that fish won't obey Aquaman any more. He rescues Aquaman just as the Liquidator is about to kill, then is abondoned by his friend. The Liquidator, who destroys all evil and all those who would help evil, is about to finish Aqualad when Aquaman gets back to normal and saves him.

Hiding from the Liquidator, who can no longer sense Aquaman's evil, they discuss the strange evil spells Aquaman is going through. Aquaman decides that he needs to be far from the Liquidator when the next spell hits, so they start to leaves, only to notice the Liquidator... talking with Ragnar.

Part 3

Aquaman and Aqualad are watching Ragnar confronting the Liquidator. Ragnar has told the Liquidator that Mera is coming to help Aquaman and must be destroyed. When Mera, who only wants to plead for Aquaman's life, comes riding, Aquaman rushes to aid her. But another "evil spell" comes over him, so he can't tell the Liquidator the truth.

Aqualad knows that Ragnar must be behind this whole thing, but can't figure out why, if Ragnar is the guilty one, the mutant cannot sense the evil in him. But then he remembers how protective Ragnar has been about his helmet, and gets Tusky to knock it off Ragnar's head. The mutant now senses Ragnar's evil, and as the evil spell disperses from Aquaman, the Liquidator knows who is truly at fault.

Ragnar buries the Liquidator in an avalanche, but Aquaman and his finny friends succeed in defeating him. Then Aquaman unburies the Liquidator and returns to Atlantis.


The soldier claims that the mysterious marauder is covered in black, but the art shows him in red.

The Liquidator can detect evil, and destroys all evil things. Aquaman is drugged by Ragnar so he will have evil spells, and Ragnar can take over the city. With a helmet that blocks evil emanations, Ragnar avoids being detected by the Liquidator.

The letter column has more praise for Aquagirl, and various comments on previous issues.

Shorts and notable ads in this issue: a half-page Stan goes Skin Diving cartoon, a half-page cartoon ad for Matchbox, and a full page Direct Currents (with ads for Swing With Scooter #11, Green Lantern #59, and Jimmy Olsen #109, among others).

There is a circulation statement in this issue. Here are the numbers: The first column is the average over the preceding twelve months, the second is the exact numbers for the issue nearest their filing date (October 1st, 1967). The total number of copies printed: aver=404,000 and exact=310,000. The total subcribers: aver=1,200 and exact=900, and through dealers: aver=233,000 and exact=177,000. Total paid circulation: aver=234,200 and exact=177,900. Free copies sent out for both columns was 340, which made the total number of copies distributed: aver=234,540 and exact=178,240. Leftovers: aver=169,460 and exact=131,760. Compare these numbers to today's sales numbers for a bit of a shock.


Rating: 5

Some thrilling moments, but mostly silly.

Review Date: 29 Nov 1998, By Laura Gjovaag