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Cover of Aquaman #26
Aquaman #26 (1962)

Title: From O.G.R.E. With Hate
Cover Title: Beware! O.G.R.E. has you on its Timetable of Terror!
Cover Date: April 1966
Indica Date: Mar-Apr 1966 (published Bi-Monthly)

Writer: Bob Haney
Artist: Nick Cardy
Lettering: Nick Cardy
Editor: George Kashdan
Cover: Nick Cardy

Cover Price: $0.12
Page Count:


Part 1

Aquaman and Mera are enjoying El Dorado Beach, on an undercover mission for Uncle Sam. During a dip in the sea to refresh themselves, they spot a strange underwater saucer trying to destroy the island. They gum up its works and return to the hotel, where the limbo contest was interrupted by the earthquake the saucer caused. Aquaman leads the guests in underwater limbo.

Aquaman and Mera retire to bed, using diving helmets filled with water to allow themselves to sleep properly. An OGRE agent by the name of Typhoon is hunting them, though. He enters their room and starts to drain Aquaman's helmet.

But Aquaman isn't asleep. He battles Typhoon, and Mera, waking, turns the water in his helmet hard so he can use his helmet as a weapon. He knocks out Typhoon (literally) but the Huntress is there to back him up, and shoots a spear gun at Mera...

Part 2

Aquaman blocks the spear with his helmet, then goes after the pair of assassins. But they have vanished. Aquaman wonders if this attempt on their life has anything to do with their secret assignment...

Back at OGRE headquarters, the Supreme One is raking Huntress and Typhoon over the coals. The Organization for General Revenge and Enslavement has been paid well for Operation Lost Island, and they don't take well to their agents defeat. The Huntress and Typhoon are given another chance.

In the morning, Aquaman and Mera go out surfing... well, they put out dummies that make it look like they are surfing, and go to investigate the island's foundation of coral. The discover that it is strange, like it was piled there, not grown. Then they notice the saucer coming back for another try at the island. Mera is about to use her powers to stop it when the pair is caught in a force field.

The Huntress has them in her sights, and they are trapped in her force field. They dodge the first shot, and Aquaman sends out a telepathic command. An electric eel responds and short circuits the Huntress's weapon. Aquaman drags her unconscious form to the surface, where she wakes up, shocked that he would save her life.

But it would appear to be in vain, as the saucer chases them up to land, and the Supreme One tells Huntress she is about to be liquidated. She tells Aquaman and Mera to get away, that she has a bomb in her body that the ship will detonate.

Aquaman attacks the ship, and easily defeats Typhoon. Once in the ship, he destroys the liquidation control, but is overcome by the Supreme One's sleep gas.

Part 3

Mera can't rescue Aquaman, the ship gets out of her range too quickly.

Aquaman, meanwhile, is paralyzed by the gas, and watches as the Supreme One uncovers a secret cache of Atomic Weapons buried under the island. The people he is turning them over to, however, decide to pull a double-cross, and attack him. Aquaman is jolted free of his paralysis, and a big fight ensues. Mera, Huntress, and Typhoon arrive and join in on Aquaman's side, and then a group of Navy Frogmen. Aquaman and company go after the now fleeing Supreme One.

They find him in a secret room beneath the swimming pool, and knock him out. It turns out that he is the Hotel Manager, which is how he knew their every move.

Aquaman and Mera enjoy the rest of their vacation.


The cover shows off The Huntress... no, not that Huntress. This Huntress wears a yellow polka-dot bikini and carries a spear gun.

Aquaman and Mera use the alias name "Waterman".

OGRE stands for Organization for General Revenge and Enslavement, and they are a mercenary group that will do any nasty job for a price. They "liquidate" any agents who fail them. You'd think that in a world full of super-heroes, they'd run out of agents pretty quick.

This is the first issue of the Aquaman title that doesn't feature Aqualad.

With this issue, DC started a checkered pattern at the top of the books, and in-house ads to promote their books.

This issue features the first ever Aquaman Letter Column. The title of this column is "Your Wish Granted!". There are seven letters, the first one is about the letter column itself. The next two show different opinions on Aquaman's marriage, the two after that different opinions about Aquaman having adventures on land, and the last two offer different opinions about Aquaman being King of Atlantis.

Shorts and notable ads in this issue: a one-page public service cartoon about cleaning your room, a one-page "Fish Facts" cartoon, a half-page "Cap's Hobby Hints" cartoon, and a half-page Direct Currents column.

There is a circulation statement in this issue. Here are the numbers: The first column is the average over the preceding twelve months, the second is the exact numbers for the issue nearest their filing date (October 1st, 1965). The total number of copies printed: aver=372,000 and exact=350,000. The total subcribers: aver=1,140 and exact=1,316, and through dealers: aver=246,000 and exact=229,000. Free copies sent out for both columns was 142, which made the total number of copies distributed: aver=247,282 and exact=230,458. Leftovers are listed for the first time: aver=124,718 and exact=119,542. Compare these numbers to today's sales numbers for a bit of a shock.


Rating: 7

The bits with Aquaman and Mera are nice, but OGRE is just silly.

Review Date: 11 July 1998, By Laura Gjovaag