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Cover of Aquaman #24
Aquaman #24 (1962)

Title: Aquaman, Save Our Seas
Cover Title: Take Cover! The Terrible Trio is Loose!
Cover Date: December 1965
Indica Date: Nov-Dec 1965 (published Bi-Monthly)

Writer: Bob Haney
Artist: Nick Cardy
Lettering: Nick Cardy
Editor: George Kashdan
Cover: Nick Cardy

Cover Price: $0.12
Page Count:


Part 1

It's been very quiet lately, and Aquaman it happy to remain in Atlantis with his family. Of course, that won't last long. A trio of freaks are transporting a satellite underwater at the orders of "them". They activate the satellite, which launches itself away from them.

And into a quarry near Atlantis, where it spins until it forms a whirlpool that reaches the surface. The workers call in Aquaman to investigate. He and Aqualad chase the satellite, and Mera pops up in front of them and stops it with a hard-water sling.

As they start to haul the thing back to Atlantis, the trio attacks, and the invisible un-thing captures Mera, while fire-haired Karla holds off Aquaman and Aqualad.

Part 2

Un-Thing drags Mera into a ship, while Aquaman and Aqualad escape Karla. Aquaman finds Aquababy's empty papoose, and spots the ship. He goes, and confirms that Mera is in it, when he's attacked by the Un-Thing.

He's knocked unconscious, and the trio get away with Mera and the satellite. Aqualad wakes Aquaman, and they search until they find the satellite, making another whirlpool. It seems to be stealing the ocean.

They find the trio's ship, and Fisherman and Un-Thing come out to play. Aquaman has octopi mark the Un-Thing with ink so he can see him, and the Fisherman hooks Aqualad. The Un-Thing's ink is washing off, and Aquaman knocks him into the water hole, into air. He becomes fully visible, and Aquaman knocks him out.

Aqualad spins around the Fisherman, and ties him up in his own line. Karla, in the ship, decides to give them a hand. She shoots a flame towards Aquaman, but Mera, free of the ship and with Aquababy, uses her powers to create a hard-water shield to protect Aquaman from the flame.

Part 3

Karla's flame is very powerful, though, and burns through the shield. Mera creates a hard-water hand that wraps Karla up. Turns out Mera got free when Aquababy snuck onto the ship and untied her. As they talk, Karla's mysterious "them" arrives.

They are aliens who cannot stand water, and want to get rid of all the water on earth to make it habitable for themselves. The aliens will now kill their earthling agents, the trio, and Aquaman and company too.

Aquaman rescues the trio and he and Karla use the ships controls to battle the alien. Karla get control of the satellite, and destroys the alien ship with it. Aquaman turns the trio over to surfacer authorities.


The cover introduces us to this issues' three villains: The Fisherman (who is returning after a successful first appearance in #21), The Invisible Un-Thing, and The Fire-Haired Karla. Can't help but wonder why Karla's hair doesn't go out under the water...

Karla is a man-hater, and doesn't like dealing with Fisherman and Un-Thing. Un-Thing particularly, since he is very sexist. She got flaming hair in an industrial accident.

Mera needs her hands free to use her powers.

The art on the Un-Thing is rather impressive. It's always difficult to show invisibility, but the outline is very effective.

Shorts and notable ads in this issue: a one-page "Shorty" cartoon, a one-page cartoon ad for Cheerios starring Rocky and Bullwinkle, a one-page public service cartoon on study habits, and a one-page text piece about "Power From The Seas".


Rating: 7

Pretty good story until the aliens showed up.

Review Date: 11 July 1998, By Laura Gjovaag