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Cover of Aquaman #21
Aquaman #21 (1962)

Title: The Fearful Freak From Atlantis
Cover Title: The Fearful Freak From Atlantis
Cover Date: June 1965
Indica Date: May-Jun 1965 (published Bi-Monthly)

Writer: Bob Haney
Artist: Nick Cardy
Lettering: Nick Cardy
Editor: George Kashdan
Cover: Nick Cardy

Cover Price: $0.12
Page Count:


Part 1

Aquaman is being teased about his married life by various citizens, including Aqualad. He gets a message from an old friend, and leaves alone. At Professor Brant's lab, he learns of a quick growth fluid that the professor has invented, and is now worried will be stolen.

It turns out his fears are justified, as frogmen attack from his ocean pool and steal the serum, killing Professor Brant and splashing Aquaman with the liquid. Aquaman turns into a giant, and returns to Atlantis.

Before he gets there, though, his attackers, led by The Fisherman, attack the city with a giant jellyfish.

Part 2

Aquaman arrives and pulls the jellyfish away from the city, but is stung by its poisonous barbs. He reaches a kelp bed and cures himself, then uses the kelp as a lasso to capture the jellyfish. The Fisherman causes a bed of coral to grow up around him and trap him, but he frees himself with the help of his finny friends.

Aquaman goes back to Atlantis, and lifts it from its foundations. He then takes it deep into a crevice and sets it into a safe place. He then goes to look for the cause of his troubles.

Back at the city, though, the Fisherman's sub is attacking, and trying to reach Atlantis with a giant claw hand. Aqualad goes and finds Aquaman to tell him, and they return to the city and attack the sub. As they do, a strange being exits the sub and grows to Aquaman's size...

Part 3

The now giant Fisherman captures Aquaman with his rod and reel, and a battle of fish-man and fisherman ensues. Aquaman is worn out, and the Fisherman starts to reel him in, but there is nothing at the end of his line. Aquaman went from giant to mite-size, and now Aqualad is carrying him around. Aquaman attempts to get a message out to the fish, but thinks his small size might have hindered his ability.

But the message got through, and a group of electric eels attacks the Fisherman's line and electrocute him back to normal size. He tries to escape into his sub, but tiny Aquaman sneaks inside and foils his plans, then grows to full size just in time to deliver a knock-out punch to the Fisherman.


Scary cover with a distorted giant Aquaman looking through the glass dome of the city.

When Aquaman leaves the city to go to Professor Brant, he jokingly puts Aqualad in charge, even tossing the crown onto his head.

The Fisherman and his henchmen have crab-like costumes that allow them to breathe underwater. Underneath they are normal guys. The Fisherman himself has a moustache.

This features the first appearance of The Fisherman, who is to become a staple in Aquaman's weak rogues gallery.

Shorts and notable ads in this issue: a one-page public service cartoon on various stupid activities, a one-page text piece on sea serpents, and a one-page cartoon ad for Cheerios starring Rocky and Bullwinkle.


Rating: 8

Fun story with appeal for first appearances as well as the adventure.

Review Date: 21 July 1998, By Laura Gjovaag