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Cover of Aquaman #18
Aquaman #18 - The Bride of Aquaman

Written by: Bob Haney
Drawn by: Nick Cardy
Cover: Nick Cardy


Another typical splash page of the silver-age: the main character faced with a biiiiigggg problem. In this case, a man from Atlantis' Inner Council, Tumol, presenting all of the single females of Atlantis so Aquaman can choose the one who will be his wife and queen.

In the story, Tumol summons Aquaman to tell him that Atlantis' leader, Juvol, has died. The people have chosen Aquaman to be king. Aquaman argues that he doesn't want to be king, but when Tumol tells him that his refusal may cause a civil war, Aquaman agrees. He is crowned King of Atlantis. After the ceremony, Tumol tells Aquaman that, by the ancient laws of Atlantis, he must choose one of the young women of Atlantis to reign at his side. Aquaman is stunned, and leaves Atlantis saying that he needs some time to think, and that he is late with his patrol of the seas.

At the beginning of the patrol, Aqualad sees Mera being attacked by a man handling a fantastic creature. When Aquaman goes to help her, the man "creates" another creature. Aquaman dodges it and uses a trick maneuver to make the two creatures attack him from opposite directions, and they collide when Aquaman swiftly swim away.

Ready to pursue the strange man, Aquaman tells Garth to take care of Mera. When Aqualad warns him that she is unconscious, Aquaman turns back to see how she is, and takes her to the Aquacave. While she is unconscious, Garth asks Arthur if he is love with her. Aquaman answers that he thinks that he always loved her, although he is only perceiving it now. When Mera opens her eyes, she says that she knew Aquaman would save her, and tells them what brought her back to Earth.

It all began when her dimension's main scientist told her that she couldn't visit Aquaman anymore, because the dimensional rift would open only one more time. Telling her people that she couldn't live without Aquaman, she deserted her throne to pursue her true love.

But she was not the only who came through the rift, another man, Oceanus, came through too. Oceanus proposed to her that, because they were the only people from their dimension, and because he loves her, they could join their powers and rule the Earth. Upon her refusal, he attacked her with a weapon that could render her powers inactive forever, but Aquaman and Aqualad came to her rescue.

But even with Mera telling him that she loves him, Aquaman says he cannot marry her. She departs from the Aquacave, as Aqualad tells Arthur what a stupid thing he is doing.

After departing and going to an island, Mera is captured by Oceanus. He lets her go thinking to gain her compassion by faking loneliness. She falls for his bluff, and he tells her to wait while he goes to a realm that he has found, where they can reign together. He goes to Atlantis and defeats the army single-handed with his powers. Declaring himself king, he swims off to the island to get Mera.

Meanwhile, Aquaman is on patrol, thinking of where Mera might be, when he is driven off his wanderings by Aqualad's voice telling him that a signal-fish is signaling that there are problems in Atlantis.

They go to Atlantis, and are captured by a whirlpool made by Oceanus. Oceanus brings Aquaman and Aqualad to the throne room, where Mera is seated at his side. Aquaman asks her how can she do this, and Mera tells him that she will not help the man that made a fool of her. She asks Oceanus, who is talking about killing them, to make Aquaman and Aqualad their servants, which should humiliate them the most.

After escaping the quarters where they were confined, Aquaman and Aqualad attack Oceanus while he is sleeping, but find a dummy in his place. Oceanus, holding the weapon that can make him and Mera lose their powers, appears with a creature which he sends to finish Aquaman and Aqualad. However, Mera arrives and takes the weapon from Oceanus' hand, and threatens him with it. She makes a deal with him: he banishes the creature and leaves Atlantis and she won't take his powers away.

As she is leaving, after saving Aquaman and Aqualad's lives, Garth shouts to her not to leave. She can be nominated an honorary citizen by merit, as she has driven Oceanus away from Atlantis. Aquaman agrees heartily, and being the king, gives her the honorary citizenship. And asks her to marry him. Her answer is that nothing could leave her more happy.

They marry in a great celebration, attended by the JLofA as guests.

Review contributed by Rodrigo Mariath Zeidan