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Cover of Aquaman #8
Aquaman #8 (1962)

Title: The Plot to Steal The Seas
Cover Title: The Plot to Steal The Seas!
Cover Date: April 1963
Indica Date: Mar-Apr 1963 (published Bi-Monthly)

Writer: Bob Haney
Artist: Nick Cardy
Lettering: Nick Cardy
Editor: Murray Boltinoff
Cover: Nick Cardy

Cover Price: $0.12
Page Count:


Chapter 1: The Plot to Steal The Seas

Aquaman and Aqualad are alerted to strange happenings at Lake Cahoe. They rush to the lake and find it's been nearly emptied of water. After saving the fish, they hear of the same thing happening at Lake Winant.

Aquaman rescues the fish with the help of some sea eagles, then spots a spout reaching up from the lake. He breaks the pipeline, and is attacked by aliens. After successfully dodging one group, Aquaman and Aqualad are captured by another group, and their leader declares that they are taking all the water from Earth to their own planet.

Chapter 2: The Double Doom on Planet Oceanus

The Aqua Duo are unexpectedly rescued by one of the aliens, named Syx. He explains that their planet, Phrygia, was nearly destroyed by a rogue sun, and all the water was evaporated. They need water, but the leader of the expedition to get it, Lemur, by-passed an uninhabited planet to come to Earth.

The trio decide to steal one of the ships and return to the uninhabited planet and get water from there. They successfully steal the ship, then blast off into space. Once in space, they destroy a meteor headed toward them with a Zeta Bomb, which impresses Aqualad.

Once they land on the uninhabited world, Oceanus, the ship falls over and starts to sink in the mud. And then gigantic alien sea creatures attack them...

Chapter 3: Marooned in Space

Aquaman is able to control the alien sea beasts, and get their help to pull the ship out of the mud. With a full load of water, the ship heads toward Phrygia. On the way, a meteor hits the tank and the water spills out and freezes. With the Zeta Gun jammed, Aquaman must plant the Zeta Bomb by hand so the mass of the water doesn't destroy Phrygia when it hits it.

Aquaman successfully plants the bomb and the ice mass is broken up. But a floating jagged piece of ice snaps his towline back to the ship. He enters the atmosphere with the ice water.

Back on Earth, the rest of the aliens are busy stealing the oceans. They are interrupted by whales attacking and wrecking their ships. They are then captured by the Phrygians who brought Aquaman home.


The cover to this issue is a slightly surprising alien world with Aquaman and Aqualad, and a stranger, under the hulk of a spaceship. They are menaced by giant alien sea beasts. An OK cover that reflects the contents of the issue.

The aliens have yellow body suits, red hair, and a cool spaceship.

The science in this issue is horrid. Not a terrible plot, but the details sure made it painful to read.

Shorts and notable ads in this issue: a one-page public service cartoon on home safety, one-page cartoon on "Our Ocean Laboratory", one-page text piece on "Secrets of the Sea Shells", and a one-page "Lucky" cartoon.


Rating: 7

Another Silver standard. Reading through these old books makes me miss arc stories.

Review Date: 21 July 1998, By Laura Gjovaag