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Cover of Aquaman #2
Aquaman #2 (1962)

Title: Captain Sykes' Deadly Missions
Cover Title: The Secret of Captain Sykes' Deadly Missions!
Cover Date: April 1962
Indica Date: Mar-Apr 1962 (published Bi-Monthly)

Writer: Bob Haney
Artist: Nick Cardy
Lettering: Nick Cardy
Editor: Murray Boltinoff
Cover: Nick Cardy

Cover Price: $0.12
Page Count:


Chapter 1: Captain Sykes' Deadly Missions

Aquaman and Aqualad are searching for a lost cargo ship when they notice a strange ship and decide to ask if the crew has seen the mising ship. To their surprise, the captain of the ship, Sykes, proudly announces that he has captured the ship. To rescue the crew of the captured ship, Aquaman and Aqualad must recover some lost relics for Sykes. They agree, reluctantly, and set out for the first relic, an ancient pirate chest. Using Sykes' map, they find a mountain of coral where the chest is supposed to be. Aquaman calls in some friends to help dig his way in, but as the fish break through to the chest, a gas is released which makes the fish grow immensely and become aggressive.

Aqualad dives into the gas and grows big enough to battle the fish, but then he mindlessly attacks Aquaman. Luckily, Aquaman is able to evade him and the angry fish until the gas wears off. The two then collect the chest and return is to a delighted Sykes.

Sykes tells them to find a rare shell next, that is located on a jungle island. They go, and are attacked by a sea serpent as they approach the island...

Chapter 2: Prisoners of Pecos Island

The Sea Serpent only chases them back out to sea, then remains and guards his island. Aquaman notices that it doesn't chase fish that swim in its waters, so he has the fish form a tunnel and Aquaman and Aqualad swim to shore. The monster sees them there and attacks the docks, destroying the boats and docks.

Not surprisingly, the owners of the boats aren't happy, and capture the two quickly. Aquaman explains that they've come for the shell, which angers them even more, as the shell protects them from the sea serpent. The serpent was placed there by a magician to guard the shell. Aquaman swears to get rid of the monster for them, and they hold Aqualad hostage as he goes to do it.

Aquaman gets rid of the monster by luring it past the invisible boundary at which it stopped last time. Because it was magic, it was destroyed when it left the area the magician set it in. The grateful natives give Aquaman the shell in thanks.

Chapter 3: The Menace of the Genie-Creature

Aquaman and Aqualad reach Sykes' ship with the shell. They won't hand it over until he releases the captured ship, which he does, after taking them to the secret hideaway where he had them stashed.

Aquaman hands over the shell, and Sykes gloats about the magic chest and shell. He explains that when he holds the shell close to the chest, the vibrations will open the chest and out will pop a genie-creature whose only wish is Sykes' command. He gloats about becoming the ultimate pirate.

But when the chest is brought out, it doesn't work as planned. Aquaman had figured it out, and substituted a fake shell. He destroys the hideaway, then destroys the shell.


The cover is impressive, if only because of the angry Aqualad attacking Aquaman.

Aquaman is referred to as "Sleuth of the Seas" on the first page. Apparently he's an underwater Batman.

Aquaman starts out looking for a missing ship. It must be a nice thing in the DC Universe to always be able to account for any lost ship because Aquaman can find it for you.

The missing ship is the Vulcan, and Sykes' ship is the S.S.Seahawk. Sykes talks like a bad parody of a pirate.

In addition to the standard ads, this issue had a few short cartoons, including a one-page "Ollie", a one-page "From Many Lands..." service announcement, and a one-page "Facts on Fish" cartoons followed by a text piece on "The Fastest Fish Alive".


Rating: 6

Slightly predicatable, but fun nonetheless. Enjoyable short tale.

Review Date: 24 June 1998, By Laura Gjovaag