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Cover of Aquaman #1
Aquaman #1 - "The Invasion of the Fire-Monsters"

Written by: Bob Haney
Drawn by: Nick Cardy
Cover: Nick Cardy


Splash Page - Aquaman and Aqualad are mounting two whales to fight against three Fire Monsters, with a little imp thinking that they are doomed to failure as they must know that even the strongest whales can't defeat the fire-monsters.

The story begins with a house cleaning, in this case a cave cleaning being done by Aquaman and Aqualad. Strange things begin to happen; Topo's tentacles start to knot themselves, a strange fish-fossil begins to dance, odd things like that. A creature suddenly appears and says that he couldn't resist these pranks. After being asked who he is, he replies that his name is Quisp, and he is a water spirit that comes from a world beneath the seas (I am almost certain that later on this was changed to says that Quisp was from another dimension).

So, Quisp tells the two heroes that he has come to plead for help, his people had discovered some huge figures coming out of a vulcano and these figures attacked his people, making them flee. So, the three now comrades-in-arms take off to see what these "mosters" are capable of.

Arriving where the mosters are, Aquaman and Aqualad try to attack the monsters, first by trying to making them stop, then with help from the huge whales, but they are repelled by the monsters' great strength and fire-breath (underwater!!!).

After retreating and rejoining with Quisp, they make another plan as the Monsters are about to attack an island full of missiles from the Navy. Aquaman orders a bunch of flying fish to take the missiles to drop in the Monsters' heads, but the Monsters shrunk to the forms of huge balls which seems to be indestructible.

At the end of the attack, the Monsters regain "normal shape", confer with each other, and start to attack anything in their path, which leads them to the island's constructions.

After retreating again, Aquaman says to Aqualad that he is thinking maybe some extreme cold could put an end to the Monsters' menace, and Aqualad mentions an article they had read about a scientist who has some certain chemical coumpounds able to freeze things. Aquaman says that they need to get out there fast, and Quisp appears to say that he can provide the necessary transportation, having his water powers and all. They arrive at the scientist's lab, but not before Quisp pulls another of his pranks, twisting and turning the boat they were travelling to. They get the chemicals and head back to the island.

There, they set an ambush and manage to separate one monster from the others, then splash the chemical solution on the monster. But he is too resistant and splashes some of the solution back at the heroes, freezing Aqualad's right leg. As the duo begin to visualise their own deaths, Quisp comes to rescue, using his powers to attempt to get them out of there. But instead, Aquaman and Aqualad shrink until they are only a few inches high.

Then it is five pages of Aquaman and Aqualad trying to survive being smaller than grass, having to combat a scorpion, trying to enter inside a jeep's motor to immerse themselves in a little water, and meeting a lizard when they try, until they are about to die from lack of water (no, the motor didn't have any water, that's why the jeep stopped). Then they spot a pelican and trick it into dropping the water it carries in its mouth, and while walking to the grass, they perceive that they are regaining normal height, and soon they are back to normal size again.

At the ocean, they meet Quisp, who tells them that the Monsters took all the rockets that were in the island and hid them at the bottom of the ocean, and says that he heard what the monsters were talking about conquering and destroying the whole world.

Quisp asks if Aquaman had a plan when the monsters were about to kill him and Aqualad, and Aqualad replies that they hadn't and that if it was not for Quisp's power of shrinking, they would be dead meat by now. But the fact of it is, Quisp didn't have the power to make things shrink, and he tells the heroes that interesting little fact. And Aquaman says they have a chance, in that case.

So, they set another ambush, using Quisp to prompt them to fall into the trap, and the monsters go to the isle to finish Aquaman. He uses some flying fish to carry him in the air, and he sprays the chemical solution on the monsters, then tells Quisp to act now. Quisp uses his powers and the monsters begin to shrink, until they are easily contained. That was the trick, it was the solution combined with Quisp's powers that made Aquaman and Aqualad small, so they used on the monsters.

With the help of his finny-friends, Aquaman closes the entrance to the monsters' lair, and says goodbye to Quisp. Quisp replies that maybe they will meet again. And that's the end.

Review contributed by Rodrigo Mariath Zeidan