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Adventure Comics #450

Adventure Comics

Adventure Comics #450

Title: The Watery War of the Weather Wizard
Cover Title: The Watery War of the Weather Wizard
Cover Date: March-April 1977
Anthology: 2 Stories
Other Stories: Manhunter from Mars: Return to Destiny

Writer: David Michelinie
Art: Jim Aparo
Colorist: Liz Berube
Editor: Paul Levitz
Cover: Jim Aparo

Cover Price: $0.30
Page Count: 11 pages


Aquaman and Mera investigate a disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle, and find that the Weather Wizard has set a trap for the Flash. After the Weather Wizard hurts Mera, Aquaman takes him out by reflecting his powers back at him.

In the meantime, Aqualad stops Mcaan from hurting Tula, then tells Mcaan that together they will go and find Aqualad's heritage.


To be honest, the sub-plot with Aqualad is much more interesting than yet another run-in with yet another villain, to me. Yes, it's nice to see Aquaman go up against someone else's villain and take them out, but the building of the Aqualad sub-plot has been very successful, and it's getting to the point that I want to read about Aqualad now, and not Aquaman.

In a future letter-column, some smart writer will complain, and rightly so, that lightning can't be reflected by a mirror. Still, this is the Weather Wizard's lightning. Maybe it's not real lightning...


Want to read the next issue to find out what Aqualad is discovering.

Review Date: 21 Dec 2001, By Laura Gjovaag