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Adventure Comics #449

Adventure Comics

Adventure Comics #449

Title: The Menace of the Marine Marauder
Cover Title: none
Cover Date: January-February 1977
Anthology: 2 Stories
Other Stories: Manhunter from Mars: Mission Catch a Killer

Writer: Steve Skeates
Art: Jim Aparo
Colorist: Liz Berube
Editor: Paul Levitz
Cover: Jim Aparo

Cover Price: $0.30
Page Count: 11 pages


While Aquaman was fighting the Shark in Atlantis, a new villain, the Marine Maruader, appeared and stole a shipment of vaccine bound for Europe. A back-up shipment is sent, but the Maruader sinks it despite Aquaman and Mera trying to assist. Using a clue given inadvertantly by a member of the Navy escort, Aquaman finds the Maruader's base and takes him out.

Back in Atlantis, a man confronts Aqualad and Tula with a gun.


A decent story, showing Aquaman's abilities and weaknesses. The Marine Maruader is using radio waves to control air-breathing sea creatures, and his control is stronger than Aquaman's natural control, until Aquaman exerts himself fully. A problem, though, the Maruader uses a mask with electronic equipment in it to communicate with the sea creatures, but at one point in the story he apparently gets a signal without his mask on.

Mera's powers finally are shown to have a weakness. Trying to hold the whales back took a lot of energy on her part. She is very powerful, but it is very tiring to use her powers.

Aquaman does the Jonah bit here and is swallowed whole by a whale, with Mera (who is unconscious).

Mcaan makes his second appearance, this time holding a gun on Aqualad and Tula.


Nice story with lots of action.

Review Date: 21 Dec 2001, By Laura Gjovaag