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Adventure Comics #437

Splash Page

Adventure Comics #437

Title: A Quiet Day In Atlantis
Cover Date: January-February 1975
Anthology: 2 Stories
Other Stories: "The Spectre: The Human Bombs and The Spectre"

Writer: Paul Levitz
Art: Mike Grell
Editor: Joe Orlando

Cover Price: $0.25
Page Count: 6 1/2 pages


Aquaman decides to take a restful swim around the realm and visit his people, but is attacked by Black Manta. He escapes into a cave and is buried, and travels through tunnels to find a way out. On the way he's attacked by a blob that doesn't respond to his signals, but escapes. Once outside he spots a girl about to be crushed by a harvester, and rescues her, only to collapse. He wakes in the hospital, being chided for not resting.


Aquaman starts off by reflecting on Manta's last two attacks... but he only knows about one of them unless Weisbogg squealed. Oops.

Manta attacked in the last two stories, and has no better luck this time, getting tangled in seaweed as he tries to go after a helpless Aquaman. When he can't reach him that way, he blasts the wall of the canyon Aquaman fell into to bury him.

When trapped in the cave, Aquaman asks for directions from the local fish. They don't tell him about the blob, though.

In the hospital scene, Mera is wearing her usual outfit... in pink. It looks really bizarre. As does the gear that the doctor is wearing in the same panels. What is the purpose of the thing going around his head, connecting to his ears, and sitting on his forehead?


A nice day-in-the-life story.

Review Date: 6 February 2000, By Laura Gjovaag